I’m back

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Status Updates

After an extended absence from painting and gaming, I am kind of back. Having overcome the initial hurdle of not being able to log into this blog, I hope to post some more updates soon.


No rat-skin cloak for me…

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Battle Reports

Well, I didn’t get my rat-skin cloak.

Between horrible Skaven magic spreading plague through my strongest units, a doom-rocket landing bang-smack in the middle of huge block of ungors (utterly annihilating them), and the lightning cannon rolling disastrously well and cutting a swathe right through the centre of what little was left, I lost, and badly.

I tried flying harpies over to take out his war-machine crew, but they suffered some losses from missile fire and fled before they even got started.

Also, all my shamans exploded.

On the plus side, my Ghorgon consumed his unit of rat-ogres. Yay Ghorgon.


Posted: March 10, 2011 in Fiction, Status Updates

Tonight – Beastmen vs. Skaven, 2000 points.


Snarlstratch looked about. Things had not been going well. He turned to Scarstrike, leader of his Stormvermin.

“Fool fool! Why all prisoners gone? Me need them to replace Rottear, my mount?”

Fangleader Scarstrike cowered before the Warlord.

“It not my fault fault! It Greyseer, him take prisoners to barter for warpstone! Also.. erm… him him! Him help Greyseer!” He pointed at a passing slave. “Traitor rat!” cried Snarlstrike, jumping at the slave who cowered away in terror before being hacked down by the Stormvermin’s spear.

“We need more prisoners. Rat Ogre not cheap! We go to the surface, we attack stupid elves again. Get the hoard together, elves not far, but we take shortcut through that dark forbidding forest.”


Golath stopped atop the forest rise. He sniffed the rank air deep into his lungs, and exhaled the breath into the cold. “Rats” he said, spitting into the mud. He motioned for his ungor slave to throw him his axe. “Many rats.”

His ungor blew a long note on his twisted warhorn. In the morning mist it seemed to echo faintly off the rocks for miles. The raiding party rose rose from their slumber around him.

“Time for bloodshed. I mean to make a rat-skin cloak.”

Ghorgon from Miniature Plaza

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Status Updates

I have received the Ghorgon from Miniature Plaza, shipped from Hong Kong. The monster looks amazing…

Ghorgon close-up

Ghorgon close-up



Ghorgon scale

Ghorgon scale

Mysterious Package

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Status Updates

I have recieved a mysterious package in the post. I hope this is what I think it is. An epic monster of epic proportions…

Hello 2011

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Painting, Status Updates

Well, after damaging my hand a few months ago and a few other health problems, I have started modelling and painting again.

Rules 8 has also come out, with clear benefits for large blocks of troops. As a result, I am currently working on a large unit of Ungors with hand-weapons and shields, a unit of Bestigor, and some more Gors to fill out the Gor units.

I still haven’t quite adapted to the new rules, so need to play a few more games to get up to scratch!

Thing in the Woods / Razorgor

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Painting
Thing in the Woods

Thing in the Woods

Thing in the Woods 2

Thing in the Woods 2

This is the Thing in the Woods from the Mordheim range. I used to use this as a Chaos Spawn, but now it sees service as a Razorgor.

Hmm, the photo is too shiny. I’ll have to work on that.